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10 of the Most Recognised & Memorable Logos

May 22, 2017

Have you ever wondered why some logos work and others don’t? Why no one recognizes your brand or remembers it? See what these brands have done right in order to create logos that are synonymous with their companies.





Irrespective of what industry you operate in - the rules are the same. The logo design and development needs to be reflective of your vision, your mission and your product/service.


Take a look at the following global brands that have successfully integrated their business with their logos.


  1. Nike

  2. Apple

  3. McDonalds

  4. Coca-Cola

  5. Google

  6. Microsoft

  7. Pepsi

  8. Amazon

  9. Target

  10. Adidas



What do all these logos have in common?


They are simple, strong and effective. The name of the brand is communicated clearly in all the designs. Whether there is an icon accompanying the type, or not, the logo is clean and comprehensive. Using this approach ensures that your brand is recognizable and memorable. As soon as the design devices start getting too complicated you start losing the impact of the company name and so you lose the customers ability to remember your business.




By providing your customers with a well-designed logo for them to remember you by – you are essentially engraining your brand into their memory. On average if your customer sees your logo 5 -7 times they will remember it (providing it is a well thought out, strong and professional logo).


Next time they need a product or service like yours their memory will conjure up your logo/brand and you will be their point of call. Of course if you advertise or have a communications strategy the chances that they’ll call you sooner increase drastically.



The moral of this story is that a well-crafted logo provides your customers with the tool to remember your brand.


So when creating your company’s logo make sure of the following:


  1. It represents your vision and mission

  2. It sets a benchmark for your offerings

  3. It makes you recognizable and creates a sense of trust





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