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What the Heck is Brand Identity?

May 18, 2017

 Have you heard the term brand or visual identity and thought to yourself … “I have a logo I am sorted.” Well dear, a logo is a good start but it will by no means create a memorable brand. Brand/visual identity refers to the promise you make to your target market. It creates expectation of you and your offerings and acts as the benchmark. So if your brand identity is poor, it creates an assumption that you and your offerings are poor. Which is probably not true but unfortunately that is the message you are sending out. Here are a few tips to help you attain the identity that your brand deserves.




Your brand’s identity is one of the most important aspects of your business. Unfortunately, it all too often gets left along the wayside as day-to-day business takes hold. The reason why brand/visual identity is so imperative is that it sets the expectation of your product/service for your customer. By virtue of this fact, it can either enhance or damage your reach to new customers.


In order to create an effective brand identity you need to take three things into consideration:


1. Creative consistency 

This means that all your advertising/marketing material and any other material that carries your logo is used it consistently; this also includes your brand colours. By doing this you are making it easier for the customer to identify you. If the design differs from place to place – they may not realize that it is your company. So best to just ensure that everything looks the same thus ensuring that they can find you.


2. Strategy

Essentially this is your road map – or nowadays your Google maps. How will you achieve your final destination if you have now idea how you plan on getting there? Creative strategy is key in communicating with your target audience. You need to have a guideline to make sure that you are providing them with relevant and useful information. Why would they follow or invest in you if they feel as though they are being lead haphazardly. Take the reigns of your brand! Put together a strategy that will not only provide your audience with a sense of direction but also a sense of trust in you.




3. Promotion
How do you expect people to know you exist if you are not promoting yourself? There are various ways of promoting – email marketing campaigns, SEO, social media, Google ad words, blogging…the list goes on and on. The trick is to find what works for your brand and use it. Once you are armed with incredibly designed material you need to go out there and promote, promote, promote. Sometimes I need to take my own advice as I can rest on my laurels with this point. In order to get the most out of your brand identity you need to take it out there and expose it.



 So now that you know what brand identity is all about you can go out and use these brand tools.


Lesson 1: Ensure you utilize your brand elements consistently

Lesson 2: Put together a strategy tailored to your business/brand and implement it.

Lesson 3: Promote, Promote, Promote.


If you implement the above tips you will be well on your way to creating a trusted brand with loyal customers.




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